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International MayaClassics GmbH

International MayaClassics GmbH


The International MayaClassics GmbH is an event and artist agency with three main activities.

The first is organizing and conducting concerts, events, major events and cultural events.
In addition, the International Maya Classics GmbH teaches music lessons between music teachers and students.

The third focus of the agency is the placement and support of artists at a high level.

Managing Director Joel Montero can use his own contacts to establish and expand the artistic networks. The tenor celebrates its 20th anniversary on the opera stage in 2019, can look back on numerous engagements at well-known opera and concert halls in Germany and abroad and is still on its own successful on stage.

Knowing from his own experience how hard it is for young artists to gain a foothold in the stage world, Joel Montero has made it his business and the International Maya Classics GmbH's mission to discover and promote young artists, to enable them to participate in competitions enable them to receive scholarships. The agency is in the process of founding the International Opera Studio Lucerne. There, young artists in their own productions will be able to gain valuable experience on the opera stage under real production conditions.

In addition, social responsibility also plays a major role for International MayaClassics GmbH. In order to take them a step further, the program "Feelings" was developed for social inclusion. "We want to get people from all areas on an equal footing in the opera and in concerts. Our social inclusion projects aim to overcome social exclusion and isolation and bring people together through the international language of music and drama, "says CEO Joel Montero.

As head of the International MayaClassics GmbH, he wants to enable all people to find refuge in music, to enjoy concerts in community and to be inspired by the opera to think.